It’s not everyday that I have some bread and good strawberry jam for breakfast. My definition of strawberry jam has to both sweet and a little tangy with strawberry chunks jam-packed inside a jar– definitely something I won’t easily found in supermarkets. I remember sucking a sachet of “strawberry preserves” from McDonalds Big Breakfast because their muffins tasted better without. Although Good Shepherd Strawberry Jam is sometimes available in Robinsons Supermarket, who the fuck is willing to pay P350.00 for a regular-sized jar if they can get the exact item at a cheaper price somewhere?

To feign off my Good Shepherd cravings, I went for a jar of Smucker’s Strawberry Preserves.


Although it’s not exactly like Good Shepherd, Smucker’s is similar to the good strawberry jam that I’ve been looking for. It is sweet but has hints of strawberry tartness, and I was happy for find some chewy strawberry chunks inside, sign that even if it’s mass-produced, the markers don’t bother macerating the strawberries into a fine mixture, something I believe is a common mistake for jam makers.

What even triumphs Smucker’s over Good Shepherd is that the former can be found in almost every supermarket… and it even costs P139.00. Okay, maybe a little pricey for some, but I’d rather shell out for this jam than something cheaper but with a texture of jelly. Ugh. I’m just not a fan of jellies.

I’m not going to give up Good Shepherd yet. Heck, I’d be so overjoyed if someone will court me with boxes of their strawberry jam (just as long as it’s the real-deal– there are a lot of fakes!). But while I’m still in Metro Manila, Smucker’s will be my best bet.

Product: Smucker’s Strawberry Preserves
Price: P139.00 (Robinsons Supermarket – Robinsons Magnolia)
Like: Sweet but a little tangy strawberry taste… AND QUITE A LOT OF STRAWBERRY CHUNKS!
Dislike: Sometimes, the fact that the price may be unaffordable for some people like my broke, pre-pay day self, but I don’t really mind. It’s actually very reasonable because we also pay for the shipping fee and the quality.
Rating: 5/5


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